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Finance for Strategic Managers







Course Features
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    21 hours
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Finance for Strategic Manager

The aim of this unit is to provide the student with the necessary tool and skills to make an informed financial decision. The course will enable the student from understanding, reading, and analyzing financial statement components. Student will be able to understand capital anatomy and the cost and risk associated with capital. In addition, student will gain the needed skills to perform financial analysis, financial forecasting and budgeting.

Learning Outcome, The Learner Will

1. Understand the importance of financial data in formulating and delivering business strategy 

2. Be able to analyses financial data for an organization in order to inform strategic decision making purposes

3. Be able to evaluate proposals for strategic decisions on capital expenditure in an organization 


Chapter (1) Part 1

Chapter (1) Part 2

Chapter 1 - An Overview of Financial Management

Chapter 2 - Financial Markets and Institutions

Chapter 3 - Financial Statements, Cash Flow, Taxes

Chapter 4  -  Analysis of Financial Statements

Chapter 5 - Time Value of Money

Chapter 6 - Interest Rates

Chapter 7 - Bonds and Their Valuation

Chapter 8 - Risk and Rates of Return

Chapter 9 - Stocks and Their Valuation

Chapter 10 - The Cost of Capital

Chapter 11 - The Basics of Capital Budgeting

Chapter 12 - Cash Flow Estimation and Risk Analysis

Chapter 13 - Real Options and Other Topics in Capital

Chapter 14 - Capital Structure and Leverage

Chapter 15 - Distributions to Shareholders: Dividends and Share Repurchases

Chapter 16 - Working Capital Management

Chapter 17 - Financial Planning and Forecasting

Chapter 18 - Derivatives and Risk Management

Chapter 19 - Multinational Financial Management

Chapter 20 - Hybrid Financing: Preferred Stock, Leasing, Warrants, and Convertibles

Chapter 21 - Mergers and Acquisitions